Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (ICP-OES)

Analysing heavy And toxic Metals From Samples With High Accuracy in coupled with hydrite kit.


High performance liquid chromatography with FID,UV,RI Detectors.


Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer with FID,MS detector single qudrapole system.

Microwave Digestion System

Titan MDS highly precise microwave digestion system with 16 sample holder.


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with cu,mn,zn,fe,B and Mo lamp.


Highly precise water analysis spectrophotometer system.


Differential scanning calorimeter.


UV spectrophotometer double beam


Thermogravimetric analyser

ZETA Sizer

Particle and nano particle size analyzer with different probes.


Double beam spectrophotometer.

BOD/COD/TOC Analyzer

Photonic measurment of BOD/COD/TOC quick analyzer


Captures the dust particle less than 10 micron in diameter.

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

Captures the dust particle less than 2.5 micron in diameter.


Capture the dust particle which is less than 1 micron in diameter.

Gasseous Pollutant Sampler

Collection of different types of ambient gasses(So2,No2,NH4,O3)

Stack Assembly

Collection of gasses which is generated from point source (So2,No2,PM)

Wind Monitoring

Used to determine wind speed,wind direction, temperature and relative humidity.

ORSAT Appratus

Flue gasses (CO,CO2,O3) analysis

Noise Meter, VOC, Handy sampler.

Ambient and stack monitoring instruments.

Weighing Balance

Analyical balance (Max Range=230gm & Min range=0.1mg)


Radwag weighing balance(Max Range=220gm & Min range=1mg)

Fibroplus FBS2PE

Fibre estimation of food samples.

KJLDHAL Nitrogen Analyzer

Used for the nitrogen analyzer for food sample.


Used for the fat estimation of food samples.

Texture Analyzer

Used for the estimation of texture of food samples.


Used for the fat seperation of food sample.

Digital Colony Counter

Used for the microbial count of food sample.

Chemical Rac

Chemical used for the storage of chemical.

Hot Air Ovan

Used for the Drying of glasswares, samples And chemicals.

Weighing Balance

Used for weighing purpose of food samples.

Training Section

Used for various training (air section/food section/water-waste water areas and sophisticated instruments.)

Office Admistration

Sample Inwarding, accounting,report delivery.

Microbiology Section

Laminar air flow, incubators, autoclave,BOD incubator,colony counter, medias.

Garbar Centrifuge

Used to estimation of fat form milk and milk product.

Sample Preparation Section

preparation of various samples for analysis.

Sample Preparation Section

preparation of various samples for analysis.

Fume Hood

Digestion and sample preparation.

Chemical Storage

Chemical Stored As per categories.


PH EC Salinaty TDS analysis

Distillation Unit

Milipore ultrapure distillation unit Q5.

Filteration Unit

Water sample filteration unit milipore.

Distillation Assembly

Water distillation assembly, floride,cynide ,arsenic,phenol distillation assembly.


Standard method by APHA,IS,AOAC,FAO And other publications.

BOD Incubator

To determine biological oxygen demand.

Entrance Of MIT-CARS

Entrance Gate


Waiting Section


Waiting and oddice desk.

BOMB Calorimeter

used in majoring the heat of combustion of particular reaction and test the calorific values.